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The Advancement Capital Fund aims to support property owners facing financial hardship by providing access to capital to assist with loan reinstatement, property rehabilitation or relocation needs. The program offers free workshops in foreclosure prevention and financial statement  preparation, with the mission of  helping  families advance their financial security.


52% of Americans face financial hardship

due to homeownership

According to the US Federal Reserve Bank's Survey, more than 31% of Americans face financial insecurity, and according to the “How Housing Matters Survey,” over half of Americans (52%) have had to make great sacrifice in order to cover their mortgage over the last 3 years. For the sake of the deeply coveted "American Dream," homeowners are forced to get a second job, defer savings on their retirement, cut back on health care, compound their debt, and sacrifice their quality of life. The Advancement Capital Fund believes that the "American Dream" is not just about home-ownership, it's about maintaining a desired quality of life in a responsible and sustainable way. The first step is understanding one's financial circumstances by doing an assessment of one's personal assets and liabilities. Until an accurate balance sheet is produced, homeowners many not realize that their home is actually not an asset but instead a major liability. 


1. US Federal Reserve Bank's Serve on America's Economic Well Being 

2. “How Housing Matters Survey,” -  John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation & Hart Research Associates. 





Financial Hardship

Financially Secure


1/3 are Financially Insecure

5 Impacts of the

2018 Tax Bill

for Homeowners.

  1. Elimination of the Home Equity Line of Credit Tax Deductions.

  2. Limiting Deduction for Mortgage Interest at $750,000

  3. Limiting Deduction for 
    Property Taxes at $10,000

  4. Elimination of Personal Exemption & Misc Tax Deductions

  5. Elimination of Casualty
    Loss Tax Deductions 


- Financial Stability

- Personal Goals

- Personal Relationships

- Emergency Safety Net

- Mental Health

46% can't cover an unexpected $400 emergency expenses without borrowing or selling something. 

US Federal Reserve Bank's Survey

on America's Economic Well-Being Source: CNN Money 

Choosing Financial Security to 
Protect Your Quality of Life


Investing into People,

not just properties.

The Advancement Capital Fund is an investment program sponsored by Gateway Realty Partners. The program aims to provide solutions for families facing financial hardships due to the burdens of property ownership. As a pro-bono service, the program can provide two types of workshops: a Foreclosure Prevention Workshop and a Financial Statement Workshop.   Based upon your eligibility, we can also provide access to capital to assist with funding reinstatement, rehabilitation and/or relocation needs.

We believe that financial sustainability begins with: 1) accurately diagnosing your financial position, 2) developing a clear financial plan and 3) developing financial systems to ensure long term financial security. 

We have a proven track-record of serving families across Northern California - providing "All Cash Offers" to help families respond to financial distressed situations. We have served over 250 distressed homeowners, saving over $20 million from lender foreclosures.

Saved over $20 million in assets from lender foreclosures

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Step 1 


of Personal Financials

Step 2 



Best Practices

Step 3 


Loss Mitigation


Step 4

Consider  Private Offers From Investors

1. Debt-to-Income Ratio

2. Loan-to-Value Ratio

3. Balance Sheet

4. Profit & Loss Statement

1. Tax-Advantaged Funds 

2. Growth Investment Fund

3. Emergency Fund

4. Debt Reduction Fund

5. Retirement Fund

6. Insurance & Liability Fund

7. Vacation & Travel Fund

1. Reinstatement  

2. Restructure

3. Relocation

1. Downsizing for Financial Reasons 

2. Facing Foreclosure 

3. Undesired Property Inheritance

4. Landlords Looking to Cash Out

5. Properties Requiring Repair

6. Tax Auctions 





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